Seriøse greier (på en tullete måte, som er den beste måten)

Noen tema er så gjennomdiskutert og oppbrukt at det virker nærmest umulig å skrive noe fornuftig om det, selv om jeg har fryktelig lyst. Men så finner jeg plutselig noen som har klart det, og da blir jeg så glad at jeg bare må dele. Innlegget er hentet fra bloggen til Shelby Fero. Hun er det nærmeste man kommer Gud på twitter. Bloggen hennes er også ganske morsom, ofte rar, men enda oftere helt korrekt. Sånn JA, LIVET ER AKKURAT SÅNN!-korrekt. Som det blogginnlegget jeg nå skal vise deg (spesielt de tre siste setningene). Så det her er meg som er litt seriøs på en lørdag morgen. Eller nei. Det her er noen andre som er seriøse, og så forteller jeg deg om det på en lørdag morgen. På søndag skal jeg prøve meg på å være morsom igjen. Men takk Shelby Fero!

Sexism sucks dick.

Every once in awhile I’ll find myself spiraling down the rabbit hole that is the internet. Usually it indulges some part of me I’ll never express myself but am glad other people are out there expressing the shit out of it (girls in DIY collars, homemade star wars collectibles, things made out of too many toothpicks). Lately it’s been a lot “Riot Grrl”/Rookie contributors/various lalalalaladies doin cool thangs. And this will invariably lead to a post or two about women and feminism in a show or movie or even maybe in the outside place (what I call the land beyond my room). And every time I read one I get all uppity and angry and defensive for my fellow fallopian-tubers and think about all the things I’d like to say or write or yell and how much I just want to unleash a little bit of this pent up vadge rage on my guy friends who are MOST underserving as they are nice and hygienic and good people.

Then suddenly I get embarrassed for having been so self-righteous however many seconds ago. I imagine a guy reacting to some SERIOUS RANT by me and kind of agreeing with the hypothetical dude when he’s just sort of like “yeah, I’m sorry that sucks but calm down.” Because I don’t want guys to think I go around 100% of the time with weird pent-up hostility towards any penis-owner. I love penises! And their owners! And 99% of the time I walk around completely oblivious to the fact that I’m not one. So when something just really fucking misogynistic goes down, it hits hard. Firing-at-the-Death-Star-once-Han-and-Leia-deactivate-the-shields hard.

The next time a lady gets all uppity about women’s rights, remember that she would love to just “calm down and enjoy it” – whatever (book, movie, show, event) “it” happens to be. But just because women don’t factor in their own gender at every turn doesn’t mean the rest of the world won’t. And it’s hard to just relax as a person when there are constant and clear reminders that you are not a person – you are a woman and that is bad. We’re either forced to be on edge, forced to ignore or accept mistreatment, or forced to be “normal” which lets our guard down – making each blow a suckerpunch. It all just kind of sucks. Sucks dick.

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